Who Is The Garage Door Guy?


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My name is Mike Spiro, and I have been serving Northern California in the garage door business since 1998, from the Bay Area to Kirkwood, and from San Diego to North of Sacramento. My main work has been in Amador and Calaveras counties, and Rancho Murieta. I have built a top quality reputation in my area, based on hard work, personal service, Christian principles, and a hometown attutide of being fair, reasonable for the service provided, and an attitude of service over the almighty dollar.

My experience in the business started about 1984, primarily in commercial doors, but also learning the basics in the residential door business. After the initial introduction to the garage door business, and much more experience in the construction industry, I made the decision to get back into garage doors in the late 90's. Re-establishing myself in the business, and getting familiar with where the industry had progressed, I had the desire to work in the Amador county area, where I resided.

At that point, in 2000, I partnered with a company with its main office in El Dorado county. I took on the task of starting, and growing the Amador, Calaveras, and Rancho Murieta branch of the business on my own. I proceeded to get my personal name (and business, California Overhead Door of Amador) into the community, and built it to be the premier garage door company in the area. By developing relationships with residents, and the businesses and contractors in the area, I developed an excellent reputation based on service and integrity.

After a break from the industry (for the most part), and leaving the partnership behind, I have returned to the business on my own, this time not as COHDofA, but as what most people call me, The Garage Door Guy. This time around I have no real desire to build as large of a business as I had done in the past, but to return to servicing my community in the trade I had built a reputation in. In the past few years, I have seen quite a bit of unfair business practices, and questionable business practices. My goal is to provide an honest service for the community, and build back a clientele that I can be of service to with my knowledge. After all, isn't that what this is all about?

I thank everyone who has done business with me in the past, and I hope to continue to serve you. For the new customers, please give me a call, and allow me to earn your business. I stand by my work with a 60 day warranty on service, and 1 year on new installs. However, if I come back for a call-back (which is very rare!), and it is because of my work, I overlook those time limits.

Thank you for visiting the website, and I look forward to serving you soon!