Garage Door Openers


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The Garage Door Guy recommends and uses the follow garage door operators:

  Looking for a SILENT garage door opener that is high quality AND affordable?
Check out the new Linear LDCO800 with optional battery backup!!

  Linear LDCO800 belt drive operator is by far the quietest garage door operator
 on the market today. With a lifetime belt and motor warranty, and 5 years on    
 mechanical parts, Linear has produced a high quality, quiet, energy efficient
 product that is hard to beat. This model also has an optional battery backup
 available either at the time of purchase, or it can be added at a later time.

 The standard 1/3 hp chain drive model is also available as a low cost alternative,
 without sacrificing quality. All Linear openers come with deluxe wallbuttons, and
 have the option for added remotes or keyless entry systems. Linear operators are
                                                 are maintanence free, and HomeLink compatible.

Liftmaster 1/2 horsepower chain operators are high quality, solid and dependable for years of reliable service, and have a 4 year motor warranty.
The Liftmaster 1/2 horsepower belt operator is the highest quality of any garage door opener on the market. It is quiet, and stays quiet for the life of the opener. There is no maintenance, and it has a lifetime warranty on the motor and the belt.

Remotes have the patented Security+
® rolling code system to assure you of a new code with each use.

Liftmaster has upgraded models in their 3/4 horsepower belt and chain operators, as well as the DC battery back up motor. For the heavier doors, such as Carriage doors, and over sized doors, there is a Liftmaster available for everything.

Every Liftmaster opener can be upgraded with extra remotes, wireless keypads, and custom wallbuttons, and are HomeLink compatible.

For those tight spaces, or where there is no room for a standard operator, Liftmaster offers the 3800 Residential Jackshaft opener. 5 Year limitted warranty on all parts and radio controls.

Heavy duty 24 volt DC motor with lifetime warranty. Cable tension monitor helps prevent the door cables from coming off.

Remote light can be positioned anywhere in the garage.

For assistance with programming your opener to your vehicles HomeLink, click the logo below: