The Garage Door Guy stands by all work performed, whether it be basic service, or installations. I am licensed, bonded and insured, aim to satisfy each customer by going over and above to make sure all work is completed to their expectations.

All doors, openers, and parts carry manufacters warranty, and vary. 25 gauge doors are generally 15 year warranty on panels, and 3 years on hardware. 24 gauge doors are generally lifetime warranty on panels, and 5 years on hardware. Openers vary from 2 year motor warranty, to lifetime on motor, and belt/chain.

Service warranty is 60 days, however if the problem is based on my work, I generally waive that time frame within reason. Installations are warrantied for 1 year. This is a general warranty guideline. Warranties are specified on invoices.

As stated above, all work is guaranteed, and service call policy is if I cannot fix the problem, I do not charge for the service call. For most circumstances, I can give a very good estimate of what specific services will cost upon initial phone conversation, and it will be presumed if I am requested to proceed, and an appointment is made for service, that the intention is to complete the service if possible. If upon initial inspection I cannot make necessary repairs, or replacement of door or opener is chosen over repair, no service charge will be assessed.

I am also happy to return to any job I have completed upon request if there seems to be a problem. There is no charge if the problem is related to my work, or the original problem that was addressed. HOWEVER - A trip charge or service call charge will apply if there is found to be no problem with my work, or if there is a different problem that is found. This also applies if the problem was caused after the fact, and is not related to any work done by me (specific example would be infrared sensors that had been knocked out of alignment). I try to assist with these kind of things on the phone, but I do need to charge for the trip if I am requested to return.

The above is to clarify that I cannot return to jobs for no other reason than to satify a "hunch" that something is not working correctly, when in fact there is no problem. If I am in the area, and you have a concern, I generally will not charge to check a concern after the fact, but in all fairness, I need to make this clear.

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